With Eminem having reached megastar status long ago, it's crazy to think back on a time when his reach was purely underground. Coming up with D12 and The Outsidaz, Em was no stranger to sleeping on couches and floors -- at least, until his demo found itself in the hands of Dr. Dre. Together, they began working on what would come to be The Slim Shady LP, Em's debut studio album and an integral hip-hop classic. Now, with that project having reached the age of twenty, Em has taken to IG to launch another merch capsule in celebration.


Unlike prior drops, this one steers away from clothing. Instead, we've got some dope Lego figurines depicting some of Em's iconic looks, a limited edition cassette, a vinyl print of the "Expanded Edition," a film-strip visual plaque, and more. Should you be interested in dropping the ducats, head over to the official Eminem store for more details. 

Should you be interested in revisiting Eminem's Slim Shady LP, you can read some of our analysis on the project right here. Many are quick to name it within Em's Top 3 catalog, and it certainly left a hell of an impression on the mainstream audiences. Do you still bump Em's debut on occasion? And if not, have you any interest in listening to it?