Skylar Grey is getting some pretty dope help on her debut album, since singing with Interscope. 

Eminem will be executive producing the LP, titled Don’t Look Down, having met the singer and songwriter through the producer Alex Da Kid, who originally signed Skylar to his label KIDinaKORNER.

After Alex Da Kid introduced Skylar to Em, she ended up working on "Love The Way You Lie." As well she took on the hook for Dr. Dre & Eminem's single "I Need A Doctor." 

HHNM reports that now the two are collaborating once more on Skylar's first single from her debut album " C'Mon Let Me Ride." The song will reportedly find Em covering Queen's hook on "Bicycle Race."

Skylar spoke on the new single to Rolling Stone, and the fact that Em is singing a Queens' hook: "That was an Eminem move. The first time I heard his verse, he had added that part in as well and it made me laugh, so we kept it. I love hearing Marshall change his voice like that and just, like, be a character, play a character, so I thought that was funnier, personally."

Eminem also had only nice things to say about Ms. Grey, "When I was working on Recovery, I was introduced to Skylar by Alex Da Kid and I was blown away with her talent as both a songwriter and vocalis. This album is really going to give her a chance to connect with the fans who probably know her music but might not know her yet. I think they will be as impressed as I am."

Check out a photo of the two at the videoshoot for Skylar's new single below.