Eminem has always been lowkey about the way he drops music. One would just have to look back at his Kamikaze project and how it completely dropped out of the blue. While Em is considered to be one of the greatest rappers to ever do it, he's been the subject of some slanderous remarks over the last few years when it comes to his skill. This mainly has to do with some questionable projects although his die-hard fanbase is always clamoring for some brand new tracks.

Just a couple of days ago, Em dropped a 4-minute instrumental called "The Real Slim Shady" on his YouTube channel. As of right now, the video only has 15,000 views and fans are curious as to what it could mean. It says the beat was made by PhilipJones16 and the whole thing is incredibly jazzy and contains some nice Saxophone lines.

Eminem's fanbase has already taken to Twitter to try and figure out exactly what's happening here and some fans have already come through with some theories. There are even some theories suggesting that the date of Philip Jones' death has something to do with this particular release.

Another theory is that Em was hacked and that the video will be removed shortly. It will be interesting to see what comes of this in the next little while.