Eminem fired back at critics when he dropped Kamikaze in August, a feud he has been basically nursing since his arrival to the game. Though Revival found Em catching flak across the board, it would appear that the scorn was a blessing in disguise. Em found himself reinvigorated by a righteous sense of anger, and buried himself in the studio to deliver some of his strongest work in years. Now, months removed from his recent surprise album, Em has come through to extend the shelf life with a new line of Black Friday merch.

Taking to Instagram to make the reveal, Em teased his new threads, which include a pair of Kamikaze inspired sweaters. The leftmost one features a military aesthetic, while the rightmost harkens back to his anti-critic campaign; recall, Em's full-page ad, in which he prefaced the scathing clap-back with "Not For Your Consideration." 

Along with the clothing, Em's Black Friday drop will include a limited run of glow-in-the-dark Kamikaze cassettes and vinyl, with two-hundred of each going into print. For those interested in copping, early access begins tonight at 19:00, with the full sale going down at 21:00. Join the queue at Em's official website here, and peep our review of Kamikaze in the interim