It's always a little funny when someone in the older generation doesn't understand how to properly get into the trends of this generation. Take the selfie, for example. Staring at yourself was limited to mirrors and reflections just a decade ago, but now, millions of people around the world spend hours literally staring at their own face. Many of the older heads have made snide comments about the youth's obsession with looking at themselves, but others have embraced the relatively new phenomenon. Eminem, who is 45 years old, has been struggling to get his selfie game on point for a few months now. 

Marshall Mathers is way too intelligent to actually be having a hard time adjusting to selfie culture, but we'll play along with his hilarious and awkward pictures for now. Em is currently across the pond in the UK for performances at Twickenham Stadium. While in London, Mathers invited Ed Sheeran to join the stage with him. The two undoubtedly performed their single "River," which was featured on Em's last album Revival. After the show, Em, Sheeran, and 50 Cent got together to take a selfie. Em is almost completely cut out of the photo, but Sheeran and 50 are front and center. Sheeran even reposted the selfie on his own Instagram, and included 50's favorite phrase, "get the strap."