Emilia Clarke was a guest during a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, which saw the British television star promote her latest cinematic endeavour Solo: A Star Wars Story, while also opening up about some interesting encounters with a fellow Hollywood hunk.

Clarke took part in a private charity auction in Los Angeles this past January, which was put on by none other than Sean Penn. During the event, which helped raise funds to benefit Penn's Haitian relief organization J/P HRO, the Game of Thrones actress saw a bevy of wealthy men bid for a chance to go on a date with her. 

One of those affluent contenders was none other than Brad Pitt. The actor and philanthropist initially bid $80,000, before upping his price to $120,000. However, he was eventually bested by another mystery guest, who presented the final offer of $160,000.

Speaking about her experience, Clarke admits that having Brad Pitt try and win a date with her was a memorable moment in her life thus far, calling it "the best night of my life." "There was an auction for a charity do that I was asked to take part in so I offered time with myself and as the bidding started I realised Brad Pitt was trying to buy me. I looked across the room and he had his paddle up! Sadly, he was outbid and it didn’t work out."