Leaving Neverland, Surviving R. Kelly, along with both the Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein trials demonstrate the significant move for a change in Hollywood. Precisely one which calls for predators to be held accountable at all cost, despite status or fame, and for their victims to acquire justice. Evidently status grants certain accessibility for the rich and famous to partake in illicit activities without ever being held accountable for their destructive actions. As such, the rise of the #MeToo movement and its agenda further encourages the hunt for sexual predators to remain. And now, Rock & Roll icon Elvis Presley has become the new addition to the list of perpetrators to be exposed.

National Archive/Newsmakers/GettyImages

According to the Daily Mail, a shocking book set to expose Elvis Presley's sexual deviance is in the works. The latter stems from the singer's provocative career wherein he allegedly kept "a group of three 14-year-old girls with him on tour" to partake in activities like pillow fights, kissing and cuddling based on Vice reports. His string of deviance with underaged women also includes his wife, Priscilla, whom he met during his time in the army when the young woman was only fourteen years old. Furthermore, other reports indicate Presley had a strange obsession with virginity and a budding sexual addiction. 

The tell-all book will reveal all on what really went down and certainly confirm Elvis Presley on the #MeToo's blacklist.