Elon Musk is one of the most prolific innovators working today. He has helped create projects such as Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company, all while expanding the potentials of engineering and technology with a keen eye on the future. However, Musk seems to be preoccupied with other concepts and areas of exploration, as new reports suggest he is looking to produce a brand new comedy special.

Musk has allegedly been in talks with two former senior employees at The Onion, the Internet's pre-eminent locus of biting satire. Erstwhile Editor-in-Chief Cole Bolton and ex-Executive Editor Ben Berkeley are said to have joined this as-yet-untitled project sometime in 2017. 

Bolton and Barkley have reportedly convinced three staff writers and an editor to make the leap from their former employer for this exciting and budding project. Details remain relatively scarce as to how the special will be conceived, and how it will be showcased to the public. 

However, Musk has once jokingly admitted that it was "pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier" in his grand scheme for world domination.