More Kanye West news arriving, but this time, we swear it's news that you actually need/want. Randomly enough, Ellen DeGeneres may have just revealed the title to Kanye West's new album on her website. Ellen with that exclusive!

The talk show host announced that 'Ye would be stopping by for an interview, and along with that she noted in an off-hand sort of way, "He has a new CD coming out called Only One." As you'll recall, this is also the title of the lead single from the LP with Paul McCartney. It could very well be the album title too, but, we'll wait for further confirmation. We recently got to hear another Kanye West x Paul McCartney collabo with Rihanna, "FourFiveSeconds," which will apparently appear on both Roc Nation artist's albums.

The excerpt from Ellen's message can be viewed below. Stay tuned for that interview with Ellen x Kanye.

I’m so excited. Monday is my birthday! I’m going to be celebrating all week long. 

I’m celebrating with some really wonderful people, too. Kanye West will be here for an exclusive interview! He has a new CD coming out called “Only One." I hope I can keep it.

[Update: No, She Did Not]

So turns out, this was some "old people shit" (sad face emoji) and Kanye West's camp has confirmed that "Only One" is not the title of the forthcoming LP. 

In more miscommunication news, Rolling Stone has confirmed that Paul McCartney won't be co-producing all of Kanye's new album, despite claims otherwise from Ibn Jasper. So lesson here, don't trust Kanye's barber for accurate information.

Hopefully Kanye drops some real information during his interview with Ellen, though.