There has always been a rivalry among Hot 97 and Power 105 radio personalities. However, none have boiled over into the public spectrum more so than the feuds among Charlamagne, Funk Master Flex, and Ebro. Once again drama is flooding the airwaves among  New York's powerhouse stations.

Recently, while speaking on Joe Budden's podcast Charlamagne revealed a story about Ebro Darden wanting to take a picture with him while attending Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp last year. This came after Ebro had a few choice words to say about Charlamagne after his run-ins with Tomi Lahren.

Ebro took to the radio to correct the narrative, “Me and that dude don’t have a personal problem… a personal relationship. It’s radio… He talks greasy about people that work at Hot [97], I talk greasy about people that work over there (Power 105.).”

Ebro continued,“I said ‘Hey, Nessa would like us to take a photo together,” Ebro recalls. Charlamagne’s response was quick and swift, “He says ‘Nah, I’m not takin’ a photo with you.”

The particular comment that had Charlamagane angry was a racial epitaph thrown his way by Ebro, as he labeled Charlamagne's actions on the station as "coonin." We all make decisions that question our judgement, but that is a demeaning label to place on someone who utilizes their platform for black empowerment. We hope these two can realize how much stronger they are on the same side of the fence. Check out the full clip below.