EarthGang's Mirrorland is quietly one of the year's most anticipated projects, at least to those in the know. Dreamville's own Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have been putting in work for a minute. Now that last year's trifecta of Rags, Robots, and Royalty has had time to settle, the next stop looks to be on the horizon.

As it happens, that stop is Mirrorland, a self-professed movie, apt to reveal the secret correlation between color and sound, as well the projected bouncing distance of light. The rollout has officially begun, as the group has emerged to tease the project's new single, which officially drops next week.

As of now, the duo have chosen to keep a few things close to the chest, including the song's title, or whether it features any guest appearances. Still, it's good to know that Mirrorland is en route, as that likely means a release date will closely follow. Respect to EarthGang, and if you're still sleeping on the pair of Atlanta lyricists, there's still time to wake up.

Image via HNHH