With the rise of veganism and vegetarianism in Western diets, there have been more fast food companies who are tuning in to the demand for meatless options. With that being said, Beyond Meat has been on the rise recently. Now, Dunkin Donuts' hopping on the wave as the latest company to add meatless sausage to their breakfast menu.


Dunkin Donuts announced that they'll be serving meatless sausage sandwiches at 163 of their locations in Manhattan but they'll likely be rolling the sandwiches out nationally in the future. The sandwich is currently going for $4.29. Dunkin Donuts is now the first American food chain to add the Beyond Meat sausages to their menu. Prior to them, Tim Hortons introduced a meatless sausage sandwich. 

Beyond Meat and Impossible Food are the two main plant-based food companies that have been captivating the fast food market. Although Beyond Meat is only at Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons right now, Impossible Food has already teamed up with Little Caesars and Burger King for vegetarian-friendly options.

With the new meatless options, it seems like we'll be seeing more menu items available in the future. McDonald's, for one, has yet to hop on the meatless train yet but maybe with more of their competitors hopping on the trend, we'll be seeing either Impossible Food or Beyond Meat sausages in the future.