In a new interview with Atlanta-CBS46, Dun Deal revealed that he was falsely imprisoned for 10 days after being arrested for a $80,000 jewelry heist in Augusta, Georgia that he did not commit.

Dun Deal is best known for his production work on Migos' "Hannah Montana" and Young Thug's "Stoner." In 2014, heist suspect Ronnica Westmoreland told authorities that she had rented a getaway car with help from a Facebook friend named David. Dun Deal's given name is David Cunningham. Police saw him wearing jewelry in his pictures and posing with people like Birdman and assumed he was the guilty man. They fabricated a lie that his fingerprints were at the scene of the crime, despite the fact that he had never been to Augusta and his fingerprints were not in the police system.

Undercover police wearing Hawaiian shirts arrested Dun Deal at the Dallas airport and raided his studio and held its occupants at gunpoint. Dun Deal spent 10 days in jail without bail before his lawyer pointed out the holes in the investigation. 

“If he was someone else, someone without family, without means, without a father who understood the process, that 10 days could have turned to 50," Cunningham’s lawyer Caleb Gross said. "It could have turned to 100. That’s how people get sucked into the system."

Dun Deal settled with the city of August for $300,000 in October. The men who committed the robber were ultimately arrested. the officers who fabricated evidence were disciplined; one resigned.