Ibrahim “IB” Hamad, longtime manager for J. Cole, detailed the infamous fight between Cole and Diddy, during a new interview on the Say Less podcast.

“The Puff story… I just remember hearing about it and laughing,” he said during the interview. “Cause I was there.”

He continued: “I’m not gonna go into detail, but it’s definitely not what people are saying. It was definitely not like he was defending Kendrick or something. It wasn’t like, ‘Don’t talk to Kendrick like that!’ Kendrick was there, Top was there, Jay was there, Beyoncé was there. Me and Cole. You know, grown men… Got a little heated. All I remember is, me and Jay looking at each other like, ‘Oh, these n***as ‘bout to fight.’ And then just being like, ‘Oh no this is ‘bout to happen.’ I’ll leave it at that.”

J. Cole, Diddy
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Cole references the showdown "Let Go My Hand" off of his new album, The Offseason.

“You wanna know the funny part?" IB continued. "That was a VMA party, everyone was there. Angela Yee was literally at the table. I fuck with Yee, but she got Rumor Report and shit. Walking out of there I’m like, ‘Oh this about to be baaad.’ But for some reason no one had a camera out, a couple people was talking about it, but you know.”

Check out the interview below.