Drake attended the 55th Annual Grammy Awards last night, and he came out on top, winning the category for Best Rap Album. Although he made his upcoming album the focus of the night, by releasing the video for his new single "Started From The Bottom" and announcing the title of his next album, it is his sophomore LP, Take Care that won Drizzy his first ever Grammy.

The Toronto rapper spoke on the win while on the red carpet, revealing that in the excitement of finding out he won, he tore his suit. 

"We were watching it on the iPad. the pre-telecast, and it kept cutting out, and it cut right back on for the moment where they're like 'Best Rap Album goes to,' and they said 'Take Care' and I almost was like, 'aww,' it almost didn't even sound like my album. And then we just started going nuts, we got out literally in the middle of the street, blocked cars, we all hugged. And then when I got back in the car I realized I tore my suit. So I stopped at a hotel and told the tailor to meet me there and she sewed up my suit."

Check out the red carpet footage of Drizzy below, where he's accompanied by his Uncle Steve, who's been mentioned in more than one song by Drake, including "Started From The Bottom."