Nobody can deny Drake's being prolific. He has been dominating the mainstream sphere since rising with his third mixtape So Far Gone in 2009. After the recent release of his latest offeringScorpion, some people are feeling overwhelmed by the rapper's presence on Spotify. The company thought it would be a good idea to plaster Drake's face all over their platform in a quirky attempt to acknowledge the streaming service's top performing artist. Drizzy could be seen on most "Urban" playlist covers to a point of absurdity. He even covered playlists that did not include his music. The campaign was meant to set the Toronto native on a path to debuting with a top spot on Billboard 100. The effort most likely contributed to his breaking of the one-week streaming record in a matter of three days. It could be assumed that those who have no interest in the rapper were overexposed and those who do might have been overwhelmed too.

Some users were pushed to the point of submitting complaints to Spotify. The Reddit user Schwagschwag shared their experience confronting the company. Ultimately, a refund for a month of service was issued in compensation for what the user describes as "spam." Others have shared similar success while some claim their requests for refunds were denied, resulting in the cancellation of their accounts. 

Although the complaints are considered to be few relative to the number of people who use Spotify, it is now safe to say that there is such a thing as too much Drake