Drake has made many enemies during his ascent to the top. That's not to say he's one for engaging in the dirty work; he once proclaimed his accomplices would act on the mere promise of a Louis belt. Yet one must respect a leader willing to throw down, and Drake has been taking appropriate measures to ensure he never gets caught lacking. It would appear that Drizzy has been hard at work engaging in the art of combat fitness, and quite diligently at that. 

The footage reveals Drake's progress, which finds him throwing out jabs and combos with impressive speed. Unfortunately, the days of Def Jam: Fight For NY have long passed, as the time for a reboot feels more ripe than ever before. Rappers have often gravitated toward boxing, with artists like Wiz Khalifa and ScHoolboy Q occasionally sharing footage of their training sessions. Still, many were quick to throw out their critiques of the rapper's form, leaving us wondering how many fighting experts truly lie in our midst? 

Is Drake taking strides? Where do you place the 6ix God in the hierarchy of rap's best fighters?

Michael Steele/Getty Images