Champagne Duey was in true form Tuesday night, and many people got some good laughs at his expense. Toronto comedian & Youtube star Trey Richards took to his Instagram page to share a hilarious photo of Drake taking a selfie while rockin' a durug and even poking his lips out making the “duck face.” It’s unclear if the picture was taken this evening or in the archive from the past, but either way it's pretty great.

Many people had a field with so-called “Duey P Newton,” making fun of the flap fold and his lips sticking out, but the 6 God decided to clap back in the comments, roasting fans for their profiles and lack of following. However, he clapped back with a confusing & funny accent, which you can read for yourself below.

“Wooooowww its crazy to see how people hate on how fleek I look in the gradient dueyyy I Pree’d nuff of your profiles and you mans are waste from ends that nobody rates ah lie?” In other words, he’s saying he looks good and on “fleek” in the durag, while these haters are sad and ugly because nobody pays attention to their profiles. The words appear to be all in good fun though or so it seems.

Check out the photo & comment that’s been making the rounds Tuesday night below (swipe right for Drake's hilarious comment).