We know that Drake's working on a new album but what else does he have in store for the remainder of the year? According to The Blast, a whole lot. The rapper reportedly filed a motion to the court requesting his assault trial gets pushed back until 2021 at the earliest. The rapper was initially scheduled to head to trial on July 21st, 2020 but his request to have the trial delayed was reasoned with his “professional commitments all over the world." The earliest he said that he'd be available is Feb. 2021.

Drake isn't the only one who asked to have the trial set back. His co-defendant, Odell Beckham Jr., asked to have the trial date also pushed back to mid-Feb. 2021 because he'll be occupied with "professional commitments tied to his football season" this summer. 

OBJ and Drake are listed in a lawsuit alongside Younges Bendjima, the ex-boyfriend of Kourney Kardashian. All three men were sued after Bennett Sipes accused them of assaulting him in March 2018 at Delilah nightclub. Sipes claimed members of Drake and OBJ's clique, along with Bendjima went on to “push, shove, kick and repeatedly punch Plaintiff in the face and body.”

Drake and OBJ denied the claims with the Canadian rapper claiming Bendjima is the only person in the security footage assaulting the Sipes.