Drake's Views From The 6 is set to drop any day now, and with that, comes leaks. Drizzy's sprung more than a few leaks in the past week or two, and today, he gets ahead of that by releasing two new records directly to iTunes/Apple Music, with no online stream available for us blog folk. 

The first is a record that features The Throne, aka Kanye West and Jay Z (!) on "Pop Style," and the second is titled "One Dance" featuring past collaborator WizKid and Kyla, the latter of whom is sampled on the record. "Pop Style" features howling, ominous production while Drake cements #newflows-- he'll likely be inciting bouts of freestyles and remixes with this one. It's light on the Hov and heavy on the Ye, though, with Jay only dropping a couple of bars before leading into Kanye's verse (which is haunted by Hov ad-libs). Ye's verse is cool and all, but Drizzy makes sure the record ends with his own uber-quotable line: "turn my birthday into a lifestyle." 

The other cut, "One Dance," is once again an example of Drake's appreciation and love for UK culture, as it samples Kyla's remix "Do You Mind." Whereas "Pop Style" is a hip-hop fan's wet dream, "One Dance" is Drake in his more poppy, "wedding song" element; although it's more funky than past singles like "Just Hold On We're Going Home," it's definitely in a similar lane.

Take a look at the artwork and tweets for both below, and click the links to purchase the songs on iTunes. We'll update you once (/if) a stream becomes available.