For the most part, all has been quiet on the Northern front since Pusha T opened fire with "The Story Of Adidon." Though J Prince has been spreading the word of Drake's potentially "career-shattering" response, the OG figure has dully noted it shall probably remain unreleased. Since that particular revelation, fans have been wondering whether or not the beef will simply dissipate, left to be measured by the strength of "Duppy" and "Adidon." Either way, the public consensus seems to favor Pusha as the ultimate winner, given the "juicy" nature of his personal assaults. 

While Drake has previously broken the social media silence with a statement regarding his blackface usage, his absence has certainly been noted. However, it would appear he is indeed back on the Gram to some capacity; eagle-eyed viewers caught the rapper lurking the comment section of rapper Smiley 61st, in keeping with his tradition of scouting emerging talent. He ultimately laid down a few cryptic comments, writing "Black Benz no friends," and "Nobody really know what I been through." 

Naturally, he was immediately congratulated on his newly announced baby, though he met comments of that nature with radio silence. It's interesting to see Drizzy steady lurking the gram, and one has to wonder if a collaboration with Smiley is in the works. Either way, peep his quiet return below.