We all know how Drake likes to put on for his hometown of Toronto, Canada, especially when it comes to getting ink'd up. With a huge “416” tattoo on his side and Toronto's CN Tower on his inner bicep, Drizzy decided to add to his collection of tats and get another piece of artwork in honor of his hometown recently.

However, Drizzy decided to get something very similar to what he already had, and that’s another CN Tower tattoo on his arm. (FYI, CN Tower is a monumental sky scraper in downtown Toronto). But before you think that Drake's got two of the same tattoos, he apparently got the first one (on his inner bicep) replaced with an eye, therefore this new tat is actually the only CN Tower that now rests on his body. As if that really matters though.

Just check out Drizzy’s new piece of ink in the gallery above and let us know what ya think!