It's safe to say June of 2018 will be a month to remember for hip-hop fans. Not only did we receive albums from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Nas, Jay Z & Beyonce, but Drake just closed things out with the release of his highly anticipated fifth studio album Scorpion as well. The 2-sided, 25-track project features guest appearances from Michael Jackson, Ty Dolla $ign, Statik Major and Jay Z.

The project surfaces just weeks after Drizzy was involved in a very entertaining, lyrical spat with Pusha-T, who exposed Drake for having a son on “The Story Of Adidon” diss. While we never heard a response from Drizzy, it turns out the allegation of him having that kid is indeed true as he just confirmed the news on his new album Scorpion. On the outro track "March 14," Drake fully accepts having a son, despite not being in love with his baby's mother, and he raps about finding out. He even compares his situation to that of his own parents, and discusses his disdain for being a “single father.”

“Yesterday morning was crazy / I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe,” he opens up with. “That shit’s in stone, sealed and signed / She not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine / Sandy used to tell me all it takes was one time and all it took was one time.”

"I'm out here on front lines just making sure I see him sometimes/ It's breaking my spirit/ Single father, I hate when I hear it/ I used to challenge my parents on every album/ Now I'm embarrassed to tell them I ended up as a co-parent," Drake spits.

Check out the record and album right now on HNHH and read all the lyrics here.