If you were wondering why Drake wasn't featured on Tha Carter V, a reason behind that has surfaced. Johnny Yukon, who co-wrote Wayne's "What About Me," spoke to Rolling Stone and revealed that the song was initially supposed to feature both Drake and Post Malone.

“The initial idea was to get Drake on it,” he said. “That was something [Lil Wayne] said to me that night [he recorded his vocals]… Then there were emails back and forth — ‘They think Drake’s going to get on it.'”

Unfortunately, that didn't actually happen and fans were mildly disappointed since other reports confirmed that Drizzy would for sure be on it. However, discussions about Drizzy's appearance on the song came nearly a year and a half ago. While it seemed like it was definitely going to happen, they waited down to the wire for a response and unfortunately, Drake didn't deliver.

"The last thing we heard about it, around a year and a half ago, while we were sending the song back and forth, making edits …. at that point, the emails were like, ‘Drake’s gonna cut to it,'” Yukon recalled. "We didn’t find out that Drake was officially not going to be on it until this week. We heard six people cut on this song. One day this week, [employees for my publishing company] were talking to some of the attorneys [in Lil Wayne’s camp], and they were like, ‘Can we at least confirm it’s not Drake?’ or something like that. They’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s not.'”

Yukon also confirmed TMZ's report that Post Malone did cut something for the record, but again, it didn't end up working out. “There is a version [of ‘What About Me’] that Post cut literally this week,” he said. "Something happened, I don’t know what... Something got delivered wrong. That all happened last night."

Hopefully, we'll be able to hear the cut with Post Malone in the future.