After a few unexpected setbacks, the long-awaited "Aubrey And The Three Amigos" tour finally kicked off on Sunday night with a show in Kansas City. It would appear that the initial announcement of wanting "to deliver the high standard tour experience our fans expect and deserve" ultimately proved accurate, as the concert delivered many memorable moments for fans of both artists. Many still remember the first time Migos and Drizzy linked up for the "Versace" remix, and last night, the pair made history by performing the song together for the first time. 

Considering how much both parties love lavish materialism, why wouldn't they have a Ferrari floating overhead, as if carried by the spirits of ballers dead and gone? 

Drake also held it down with a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You," solidifying the king of pop as one of Drizzy's dominant influences. Peep some of the footage, and if you're considering witnessing the spectacle, be sure to cop tickets while you still can; if you're on the fence, be sure to check out the first setlist right here.