Drake has always been pretty good at taking criticism, often participating in memes at his own expense. While Drizzy can take a joke, he can dish one out just as easily, as he displayed yesterday, when he couldn't help but comment on Kevin Hart's outfit of choice on Instagram.

Drake reposted Kevin's photo of himself in a sleeveless leather shirt, adding a couple of friendly jabs in the form of hashtags. As it turns out, C. Papi wasn't the only one offended by Hart's choice, with both Meek Mill and Lil Duval echoing that the shirt has to go.

Hart is of course one of the most successful comedians in the game, so Drake and company had to be expecting a retaliation, and while Kevin has not returned with a comeback yet, he offered a warning in the form of an Instagram video, telling the rappers to prepare for war.

This should be interesting. Check out the posts below.

[Update: Hart Delivers On His Promise]

Kevin Hart warned Drake and Meek Mill that they were messing with the wrong dude, and he's now provided commentary on some of their more questionable choices. The comedian went in on a couple of photos of the two rappers on Instagram with some extensive write-ups. Will the war continue? Or did Kevin just end it?