Thursday evening, Drake fans were gifted with the re-release of his 2009 mixtape So Far Gone, but it almost never came to be. If you'll recall, the big holdup over its upload to streaming platforms concerned a dispute with Kanye West which germinated into a squabble over sample rights. The song in question, the Kanye-produced "Say You Will" is heavily sampled on Drake's "Say What's Real."

With Kanye West holding all the cards over permission rights, the sample disputed looked to be an impasse considering the disintegration of the two rapper's relationship, both personal and professional. As you might remember, Drake accused Kanye West of providing the valuable intel that Pusha-T would use in his scathing diss record "The Story of Adidon" - before their squabble snowballed into extramarital stuff.

But in the end, Drake has gone forward with the song's inclusion within the original body of work, despite Kanye West's initial refusal. "Say What's Real" has Kanye West listed as a primary composer, which unless I'm cuckoo, infers that he signed off on the process. Why the change of heart? No one seems to know at the present moment. Perhaps the bottom line was too desirous to ignore.