Porunga may not be as famous as Shenron, but he is just as powerful. The Namekian dragon is summoned once all seven dragon balls are collected on Piccolo's home planet. According to GameRevolutiona new update in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle allows gamers to summon the Namekian dragon. There are three sets of Porunga Dragon Balls, so 21 in total, that need to be collected in a specific order to summon the bulky dragon. Clues within the game give players hints as to how to attain each dragon ball. Each set of seven must be collected in order (the first set first, second set, etc.) for the summoning to work. Via GameRevolution, these are the instructions for attaining all three sets:

Porunga Dragon Balls Set One

  1. Clue: Daily training is crucial to getting stronger: For this Dragon Ball, you need to train with one character.
  2. Clue: Find the button for switching between Quests and Events on the HOME screen: You just need to switch between quests and events a few times to get this ball.
  3. Clue: Battle alongside the little warrior who saved Dende from Dodoria: Complete a quest with any of the Gohan (Kid) variations as part of your team.
  4. Clue: Is it possible to be friends with yourself?: Search for your own friend ID in friend search and try to send a friend request.
  5. Clue: The Scouter had an abnormal reaction?!: Go to the summon screen and tap on the scouter to look at the featured unit for this ball.
  6. Clue: Where can you find lots of Awakening Medals?: Complete one stage of the Battle for Awakening Medals.
  7. Clue: A Dragon Ball is also hidden inside the banner!?: On the home screen look for the banner marked with a question mark. Tap it to get the Dragon Ball.

Porunga Dragon Balls Set Two

  1. Clue: Tap on the invisible button on the character list screen: On the character select screen, you need to click on the number that scrolls to the bottom of the screen to get this ball.
  2. Clue: Get help from the hermit that lives on top of the holy tower: Use a Kami Awakening Medal on any character.
  3. Clue: Make a circle on the home screen for the amount of Dragon Balls that there are: Spin the character wheel on the home screen seven times.
  4. Clue: Obtain new allies with the bond that you’ve created with your friends: Complete one friend summon.
  5. Clue: Do a lot of Quest and Event stages: Use a total of 50 stamina completing Quest and Event stages.
  6. Clue: An old lady that likes to look at money and fights is looking to trade: Buy one item in the Baba Shop.
  7. Clue: Awaken the power of ‘Super’ or ‘Extreme’: Z-Awaken any character once.

Porunga Dragon Balls Set Three

  1. Clue: Fight a strong enemy in a fierce battle: Complete a single Dokken Event to get this Dragon Ball.
  2. Clue: Awaken a character to a new form: Dokkan Awake a single character.
  3. Clue: Visit an old enemy’s shop: Go to the main menu and head into Pilaf’s Trove to get this ball.
  4. Clue: My training is a bit tough. Train once at Korin’s Tower.
  5. Clue: Go and find the glowing orbs that are one of the 5 colors: Beat any of the Hidden Potential stages you can currently access.
  6. Clue: It seems that you still have dormant powers: To get this ball, you need to raise the hidden potential of one character by one node.
  7. Clue: Fight with 5 allies that are colored in the same color: Finish a stage using characters that are all the same color.