Dragon Ball Super: Broly is slated to touch down in December in Japan, and January in North America. The film will finally bring Boly into Dragon Ball canon, after the powerful foe was relegated to exist in the unconnected movie universe. With Broly heading into canon, it appears that Dragon Ball will be altering the stories of Vegeta, Goku, and Frieza as well. The most recent trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly gives Goku a Superman-esque origin, as we see the young Saiyan placed inside of a spaceship to escape the doomed Planet Vegeta at an older age than he was originally plotted. Now, according to Comicbook.comit appears that a spoiler-filled synopsis for the movie has hit the web.  

Apparently, a Columbian website promoting the movie's release posted the synopsis. Although the details of the leak have yet to be confirmed, and the rough translation of the synopsis may have lost some key points, fans are still clamoring to get any bit of information they can. As reported by Comicbook.com, the synopsis loosely translates as follows:

"41 years ago, the King of Planet Vegeta had a baby, who in a not far future, will become famous as the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. The King was so proud of his latent ability as the powerful warrior. At the same time, his loyal military right-hand Paragus, also had a baby called Broly. That baby had a potential even bigger than Prince Vegeta, so the jealous king sent him to a dark and far planet in a space capsule.

The furious Paragus betrayed King Vegeta and went after his beloved son, whom he found on a stormy planet. Paragus lost his only way back home when his spaceship crashed in the landing, so he and Broly remained alone for decades without hope. Presently on Earth, six Dragon Balls are stolen from Bulma's laboratory by the resurrected Freeza, who wishes to make his ambitions come true.

Meanwhile, a patrol from Freeza's army finds Paragus and Broly on the edge of the galaxy and takes them to Freeza, who creates a new and powerful battalion. Surprised by the highly trained battle power of Broly, Freeza 'waves the bloody shirt' of Paragus and goes to an arctic place on Earth where a Dragon Ball is detected.

Goku and Vegeta go as fast as possible to recover the Dragon Balls and face the new and permanent rival Freeza and the formidable Broly. The deadly battle barely starts but against Broly's overwhelming power that evolves gradually during the battle, Goku and Vegeta find themselves being forced to go on the defensive."