Nicole Young and Dr. Dre's divorce case is getting rather messy as more information spills into the public. According to TMZ, Nicole Young is demanding that Dr. Dre sit down for a 21-hour deposition to grill him over details surrounding their finances as well as their prenuptial agreement. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In the latest court documents filed by Young, she's asking the court to force Dr. Dre to sit-down for a lengthy deposition. She's asking that he sits down for eight hours to answer questions about their prenup. As previously reported, Young initially claimed that Dre had ripped their prenuptial agreement, making them invalid. However, Dre denied that was the case, revealing that he had multiple copies of it on hand. 

Young added that she needs him to sit down for an additional 13 hours to answer questions regarding his finances. She said that Dre has already skipped out on other depositions.

"His entire career and public persona are based on defiance of authority, violence, and refusal to comply with the law," Nicole said in court documents, adding that Dr. Dre essentially feels like rules are inapplicable to him since his net worth inches closer to $1B. She said Dre "has grown accustomed to doing whatever he likes, whenever he so chooses."

Nicole said that Dre's credibility is an important aspect of this case, and because of that, she wants him to do the deposition in person rather than on a Zoom call. She added that he's not really at risk of COVID-19 as long as the safe measures are in place.

The news of the deposition comes shortly after she filed documents requesting roughly $2M a month in spousal support to cover her expenses. We'll keep you updated on the case.