The outro of Compton cut "All In A Day's Work" seems to summarize the core of Dr. Dre's legendary work ethic: 

Rich as fuck, but, guess what, I'm back to work
Overseas, back home, no time to sleep, I'm back to work
So many people that I love, they want my time but I got to work
Some of my friends don't understand, shit, I got to work

Despite the cognitive dissonance between his never-ending work output and the minimal amount of released music, Dre's reputation for being a perfectionist is well documented. A few months back, he was reported to be putting in work on Eminem's as-of-yet untitled album, which had Shady/Aftermath fans pleased. Now, an IG video reveals that the Doc is en route to Hawaii, with every indication pointing to a studio session.

On Sunday night, a clip uploaded by producer Dem Jointz showcases Dre vibing out to some Steely Dan ("Black Cow") while enjoying the luxurious benefits of a private jet. Dre seems in good spirits, and why wouldn't he be, what with the amazing combination of Honolulu and the studio. However, while it's clear from the IG caption that this is more or less a business trip, it's as of yet unclear who will be the beneficiary of Dre's production. 

A possible candidate is Anderson Paak, who was recording music in Hawaii back in March. While that's purely speculation, it should be noted that Dre, Dem Jointz, and Anderson Paak have worked together before. Dem Jointz provided co-production on Compton's "Genocide," "Deep Water," "Medicine Man," and "Satisfiction," two of which feature vocals from Paak. It wouldn't be surprising if some of the Compton crew were planning a reunion, especially considering the clear musical chemistry prevalent on Dre's third studio album. Plus, Dem Jointz hints that his last visit to Hawaii was about two months ago, so the timelines are in the vicinity of lining up.

Check out the IG clip below, and stay tuned for whatever the good Doctor is cooking up next.