The legal battle between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, his estranged wife, has gotten seriously ugly.

The rap legend is currently in a heated divorce with Nicole and both of them have gotten downright malicious in recent weeks. With Nicole asking for upwards of $2 million in monthly spousal support and Dr. Dre adamantly protecting his fortune by claiming they had a prenup, things are not looking good for the couple that was married to each other for nearly twenty-five years.

According to TMZ, there has been a new development in their divorce, with Dre coming out on top in court after the judge rejected Nicole's request for $1.5 million to cover various expenses, including security.

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Nicole's lawyers were reportedly in court today, arguing that she needs the money because she has been receiving death threats. They remarked that some people commenting on the ongoing case have said things like, "If she dies, she dies," and "For a small fee, she can disappear".

The $1.5 million request was shot down by the judge, who reminded her that she fired her former security team that Dre was paying for. Her responding argument was that her ex-husband-to-be is too controlling and she wanted to find her own team.

Dre's lawyer was also present, who told the judge that Dre is still willing to pay for Nicole's expenses, including her security, which was later ordered by the judge. 

Nicole also requested for their January hearing about attorney's fees to be moved up, which was also rejected. The judge reportedly claimed that there are more serious domestic violence cases to deal with and that it would not be possible to move their case up.

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We will continue to keep you posted on any updates.