For the last few months, many have been demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed by police while sleeping in her own apartment. Since her death, conflicting details have been reported surrounding the circumstances of what happened, however, it still remains clear that her death was unjust, regardless of any context. Yesterday, Lousiville police declared a state of emergency prior to it being announced that none of the officers involved, would be charged. This has already led to mass protests around the country, including in Louisville where two police officers were shot.

Various athletes and celebrities have spoken out about the verdict and how it's a disturbing case of injustice, especially since so much effort was put into making sure the cops would be held accountable. Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz was one of those athletes as today, he took to Twitter with an emotional apology to Taylor.

As Mitchell stated, he felt personally connected to the story as Louisville is like a home to him. He also noted that he wanted Taylor to get the justice she deserved, and he's ultimately sorry that the system failed her.

Throughout their time in the NBA bubble, various NBA players have fought against systemic racism and with this latest verdict in mind, it's clear they will be continuing that fight for the foreseeable future.