Donald Trump may have lost the Presidential Election but he still remains a popular figure in the political world. He has been able to garner the support of millions around the United States and there is a good chunk of his constituency who believes he was robbed on November 3rd. Despite Joe Biden's overwhelming victory in the Electoral College, Trump believes that Democratic voters were guilty of voter fraud and that the mail-in ballots are evidence that something nefarious was going on.

Now, his supporters have decided to gather in Washington, DC, where they have put together what is being dubbed the "Million MAGA March" which is a play on the infamous "Million Man March." Despite the claim that there are one million people attending the march, it just so happens that there are only five to six thousand people in attendance.

Despite the underwhelming crowd size, Conservatives seem to be loving the showing right now, particularly President Trump who drove through the crowd and waved to all of his excited supporters.

As it stands, the crowd is currently demanding that the election results be overturned, all while chanting "Stop The Steal." The protest has led to the shutdown of numerous streets and while the crowd might not run one million deep, there is certainly some gridlock in DC as a result.

Donald Trump

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images