Given the tumultuous political climate in the United States Of America, not to mention the racial tension that continuously threatens to boil over, the road to the 2020 election has been a tense journey. And though election day is meant to provide some sense of closure -- albeit not without disappointing those supporting the losing party -- it would appear that Donald Trump isn't guaranteeing that he'll stick to the script.

Donald Trump President

Win McNamee/Getty Images 

Yesterday, Trump spoke with reporters about the possibility of transitioning the power to Joe Biden, should he fail to win the election for the Republican Party. "Well, we're going to have to see what happens," responded the President, a vocal critic of mail-in ballots rendered necessary during pandemic. You know that I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are a disaster. Get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very peaceful--there won't be a transfer, frankly. There'll be a continuation."

Given his strong stance, and refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of a possible Biden-Harris win, some pundits have questioned whether he would retain those same principles should the outcome fall in his favor. On that note, Trump had nothing to say. Biden, on the other hand, vocally criticized Trump's defiance during a stop in Wilmington, Delaware. "What country are we in?” he asked, upon hearing the news. “I’m being facetious. Look, he says the most irrational things. I don’t know what to say about it. But it doesn’t surprise me.”

Check out Trump's controversial, and admittedly ominous, comments below. Election day is on Tuesday, November 3rd.