Omarosa Manigault is on a press tour to promote her new book. In the same breath, she is an avid whistle-blower against President Donald Trump's administration. Trump is making this endeavor an easy task with the new legal issues he might be facing. 

His former lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to the misuse of campaign funds, amongst other charges. He claims he committed these crimes under the orders of Donal Trump. The president is trying to distance himself from the man and downplay his lawyer's involvement in his affairs.

Omarosa came through national television to share a video that would prove this downplay as false. The news anchor introduced the clip.

"Let's take a look at this video that shows Cohen boarding Donald Trump's Plane of 16, a pivotal time in Trump's campaign."

The camera follows Cohen onto the aircraft. The person who handles the camera calls his name a few times at the beginning of the clip before the lawyer turns around. It would be hard for Trump to deny the status of their relationship at the time, given Cohen presence on his private jet.

One of the reporters on the show commented on their obvious connection.

"We're not just talking about paying off these women [...] He was all over the world on behalf of Donald Trump."

Omarosa pointed to Trump's habit of trying to buy people's silence. In this context, Cohen's claims wouldn't be so surprising.