Google search has become the de facto method of attaining quick information. While many people like to balk at the idea that Google has all the answers, it pretty much does. Of course, you can't just click on any link, and precise research will reward you with more facts than just clicking the first thing that pops up. Still, when you hop over to Google images, the search is always on point. Search images of pandas, the black and white furry bears pop up. If you search images of the Rockets, pictures of James Harden and Chris Paul will litter your screen. If you search images of idiots, Donald Trump is front and center. 

The fact that the president of the United States populates almost the entire screen when you do an image search for "idiot" can be attributed to the media. For example, James Harden appears when you search the Rockets because almost every media article online uses the word "Harden" and "Rockets" together. The same can be said for Trump, who has been called an idiot, among other things, by the media constantly. Although the majority of pictures are of Trump, there are a few surprises in the search as well. Einstein appears as well, but only because of the legendary quote, "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Perhaps the person that attributed this quote to Einstein is, in fact, the idiot, since it has been proven that the genius never made that statement. A picture of Ash Sarkar, who called the right-winged journalist Piers Morgan an idiot on Good Morning Britain recently, also appears.