Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is one of the most talented individuals of our time. From music to comedy, to acting, and even writing, Glover is constantly showing us how insanely gifted he is. While Glover hasn't released any music for a while, he's been killing it when it comes to the big screen. He recently starred alongside Beyoncé, Seth Rogan, and James Earl Jones in The Lion King and last year, he played Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. He even had a brief appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming which just goes to show the reach he has these days.

The Lion King had an impressive opening weekend and according to Complex, the movie has made $713.6 million at the Global Box Office. This is significant as it means that movies starring Glover have now reached a combined Box Office total of $3 billion. This is a huge accomplishment as it speaks to just how big of a name Glover is in the industry. He has come a very long way since his days on Community and his early years as a rapper trying to make it in the industry.

Whether you like Glover or not, there is no denying just how much he has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.