Last week it was reported that FX, Marvel and potential showrunner Donald Glover all came to a mutual agreement to can a proposed Deadpool animated series, citing creative differences. 

It was widely speculated that Donald Glover would be too busy to fully commit to the project. He has since taken full control of the narrative by posting a tweet making the opposite assertion.

That tweet was followed by a frame by frame account of the entire script he wrote for the series' finale. Judging by the themes explored in the script, it's clear that Donald was not straying from the political responsibility he exerts in Atlanta. The script goes into anecdotal tangents, even addressing the gun debate through a well-aimed jab at Donald Trump's call for teachers to bear arms:

“Take notes, teachers of America. One day, you’ll have to make a high-pressure shot like that”

It feels as though entertainment companies have left behind the art of satire in order to satisfy their donors. Donald Glover knows too well, what it's like to work under cultural suppression. Rather than take his L on the chin, he has decided to reveal the entirety of the script, leaving it to our better judgement to decide whether or not Deadpool got canned for political reasons. You be the judge.

I implore you to keep reading 6-15.