In the past, DMX has not been shy to share his negative feelings about Drake, candidly revealing that he didn't like Drake's music, his face, or his haircut on a 2012 Breakfast Club appearance -- so it was pretty surprising to hear him sampled on "U With Me?" from Drake's new album, VIEWS. The rapper returned to the Breakfast Club today to explain how that all happened, and how the experience changed his opinion on Drizzy for the better.

When it was brought up that X used to have his problems with Drake, the rapper acknowledged his former haterisms. "I did always say that he was a talented lyricist, but I was not a fan," he said, but explained how getting the call over the sample changed everything. "You didn't like this guy for all the wrong reasons..." he recalled telling himself. "For him to want to use a song of mine, and then to be man enough to make that call. That was a real move... it took a man to make a move like that. I salute him for that."

"He was like 'yo man, you raised us, man,' X said of Drake's pitch to use the sample, where he revealed that 40 was also a huge fan of the song. All in all, DMX described the call as a "humbling" experience.

Watch X's full hour-long interview below. The Drake conversation begins around the 25-minute mark.