Over the past two years, DJ Mustard certainly hasn't been hurting for hits, with hip hop stations on both coasts continuing to blast his ratchet, slightly hyphy-inspired tunes, regardless of whoever's singing or rapping on them. That being said, it's gotta hurt him a little bit that two of the biggest radio hits during that time period, Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and Jidenna's "Classic Man," sound exactly like his style while being produced by others. 

YG already called out "Fancy" for "jocking" Mustard's sound last summer, and with Azalea and the rest of that song's writers now getting royalties from "Classic Man" due to similarities in sound, Mustard himself chimed in, calling both "rip offs." In a series of since-deleted tweets (view in the gallery above), he compared Azalea and her collaborators to someone who steals a bike and then sells it. Thoughts?