DJ Khaled has a documented affinity for an over-the-top lifestyle. From his music videos to his vlogs, he loves to show off just how well he's living, whether it's foreign cars, lavish mansions, or diamond-heavy jewelry. However he may not be the owner of all that bling, at least according to a new lawsuit, he failed to pay a New York jeweler what he's owed for a few expensive pieces.

The lawsuit filed by Rafaello & Company states that Khaled got two Rolex watches, a custom made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings, and a 4 carat diamond ring in 2012. The company states they had a written agreement with Khaled that gave him fifteen days to check out the jewelry, and if he didn't like it, he had the opportunity to return it. If he did like the pieces, he had to cough up a check.

R&C's new lawsuit states that he didn't follow through on his end. He kept the watches, the chain, the earrings and the ring, but he never paid for them when he was billed. He owes them more than $100,000.