Since Asahd was born, DJ Khaled has been boasting about his adorable son and how much inspiration he gets from being his father and raising him. Asahd has been named executive producer of DJ Khaled's previous tape Grateful and more recently his latest effort, Father of Asahd. The two-year-old already has an empire crafted for him and his future laid out and it's for that reason why DJ Khaled made the executive move. 


"As a parent, you're supposed to set up your son, your daughter and give them security," the mega-producer explained on CBS This Morning as seen in the clip below. "You have to raise them with love but as my duty, I need to set up his future. You know how people set up a college [fund], I start from birth. The minute he came out, the minute it's on."

Khaled further explained how something as small as a hot dog stand would be in Asahd's name. "The way I walk, the way I breathe, the way I move - I represent my son," he added. "When my son came into my life I became greater."

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