DJ Khaled & Tony Robbins Talk About Experiencing Homelessness

  July 25, 2016 19:30
DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins talk to each other about their past days of being homeless.

Earlier today, DJ Khaled appeared on the cover of Complex magazine for the second time in under a year. This time, however, he shared the cover with an unexpected celebrity, motivational speaker and self-help author Tony Robbins. Khaled has basically assumed the former role for himself these days, and it wouldn't be surprising if he put out a book in the near future. Indeed, he and Robbins prove to be kindred spirits, and in a video accompaniment to the Complex cover story, the pair tells each other about their shared experiences of being homeless. 

The clip begins with Khaled talking about his early come-up, when he first tasted success but soon saw it "all get taken away." He then decided to leave his family in order to pursue his career and become a man. During the early stretches of his time on his own, Khaled often was forced to live out of his car when he couldn't afford a cheap motel. He talks about being able to scrape up enough money for rent, only to get evicted the next month. "I stayed focused, and I just never surrendered," he says of those trying times. "I'm blessed now, I take care of my mother, father, and my entire whole family." 

Robbins then shares similar past experiences of his own, remembering that Denny's had one of the few parking lots that wouldn't kick him out for sleeping in his car. They both agree that the kindness of strangers was essential to them making it out of that life and getting to where they are today. "More blessings you give, more blessings you get back," as Khaled puts it. Read their joint Complex cover story here

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DJ Khaled & Tony Robbins Talk About Experiencing Homelessness