Disney has built up a reputation for creating some of the most notable intellectual property in the world. From their animated movies to their live-action films, they have resonated with fans for decades. Considering their size and stock price, analysts believe they have the resources to become the biggest player in streaming video content. Disney is waiting to hear back from 21st Century Fox in hopes of striking up a deal with Hulu.

If this deal goes through, Disney could spend up to $30 billion on video content. To put it into perspective, Netflix just raised their budget to $8 billion this year. This deal could prove to be incredibly-successful for Disney because of their integration of properties. With the content they'll be spearheading, they could include it in their Disney-themed vacations. This alone could reach 50 million homes but it's also noted that the number doesn't include the conglomerate's popular Marvel and Star Wars properties.

"We conclude that [Disney] remains among the best in the biz, with a valuable opportunity to match [Netflix] in streaming, and benefits from the [21st Century Fox] deal and Hulu," reads a report from RBC Capital Markets. This shift in power is a big one. We will just have to wait and see how these business dealings play out.

[via Business Insider]