Diddy recently topped Forbes' list for top earners in hip hop (something he's getting used to doing by this point), and thus sat down with the people at Forbes to discuss his business model, how much he has in the bank, and his potential to become rap's first billionaire.

When asked if he felt he would become the first rapper to hit the 9 figure mark, Puff said he couldn't be sure, but stressed that he would remain humble no matter the outcome. "I can't deny how humbling... how proud I am to be from Harlem, New York, to be from the inner-city and be on the Forbes list," he said. "But it doesn't define me-- whether I become a billionaire, or whatever my status is."

He also made sure to clear the air that the numbers Forbes reports him to have are not reflective of what he has in the bank, and more likely have to do with his assets. "First of all I do want to say to the Forbes cameras, I'm going to tell you that I don't have that money in the bank." he said, half-jokingly. "I want to make sure y’all are clear on that. I have no problem with saying that. If that pushes me down on the list, I’m okay with that.”

The mogul then went on to speak of how he defines success, and hopes to inspire and give back to his community.

“The way I define my success is how many people I’m able to affect their lives in a positive way. I have over a thousand employees, people that I pay, over a thousand employees and from a kid coming from Harlem, if I could do it then hopefully that inspires somebody else to do it. And then another thing about being number one on the list, is that I openly accept the responsibility that comes with that and that economic power gives me the opportunity to give back. Because I was able to work hard and to earn that money, I was able to take care of my family, I got six kids and that’s kind of expensive.” 

Watch the full interview below.