Diddy added a couple of Instagram photos today relating to France's FIFA World Cup victory, adding him to the list of social media users who are calling out the country for their history of discriminatory attitudes against racial and religious minorities. One of his posts is composed of the faces of some of the French team's players along with their respective native countries' names and flags. The post's caption reads as, "Congrats #France #blackexcellence."


The other post is a screenshot of a tweet by another social media user that addresses the European country directly: "Dear France, Congratulations on winning the World Cup. 80 percent of your team is African, cut out the racism and xenophobia. 50 percent of your team is Muslims, cut out the Islamophobia." The tweet concludes with a call to action: "Africans and Muslims delivered you a second World Cup, now deliver them justice."


Diddy clarifies his stance in the caption:

"Some times we have to get uncomfortable. Lets [sic] deal with issues that are not being discussed. We as a black race feel everything. Now we will deal with it. And I’m not taking away from the win. Historical moment. Let’s just treat people better. And America does the same."

50 Cent seemed to be alluding to this issue in one of his posts yesterday. The content was deleted shortly after being published.