The internet has been going crazy trying to find out anything and everything about Cassie's new man Alex Fine. The handsome new lover's identity is slowly being peeled back, and a new report from TMZ claims that Fine and Cassie were messing around while the latter was still dating Diddy. Sources close to the situation laid down the story as follows. Diddy hired trainer Jamal Liggin, but his schedule was so hectic he delegated some of his work to his own team of hired trainers. Liggin set Diddy up with Alex Fine, and the hip-hop mogul allegedly let Fine train Cassie.

Sources connected to Cassie's camp claim that the two did not start dating until Diddy and Cassie broke up. Their relationship ended in the fall of 2018, so it's only been a couple of months since Cassie has been on the single train. The timeline seems to backup Diddy's side of the story, but it's possible that Fine and Cassie held off on their mutual attraction until the dust settled. Although Diddy may be feeling betrayed by Cassie, the recent passing of Kim Porter has been a much bigger emotional priority for the Bad Boy creator than any dating drama.