The Transportation Security Administration has investigated accusations recently made by Diana Ross, and according to them, their agents did nothing wrong during their pat down. The Motown legend recently took to social media to vocalize her outrage with TSA, claiming that they violated her during their search.

"Its not what was done but how, I am feeling violated," Ross tweeted. "I still feel her hands between my legs, front and back ( saying to me it her job ,) WOW!!really mixed emotions I always like to see the good things but not feeling good right now." The singer made sure to note that she didn't have any problems with Delta Airlines, but she didn't appreciate the security at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport.

According to reports, Ms. Ross' accusations were taken seriously and investigated, however, TMZ claims to have spoken with the TSA head honchos who say they reviewed the surveillance footage and interviewed the agent responsible for her search. They say that their procedures are put in place to protect all travelers and "Protocols for resolving alarms during Advanced Imaging Technology screening were correctly followed." So, basically they didn't see anything out of the ordinary when reviewing camera footage, nor do they believe she was inappropriately touched in any way.