Over the last few weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have been struggling to string together consecutive wins and now, some people are calling for the firing of head coach Jason Garrett. Garrett has been with the team for years now and some pundits believe his time is up. The team has only won two playoff games in the last ten years and as of right now, they don't seem poised for very much playoff success.

Former wide receiver Dez Bryant was front and center during Garrett's tenure as head coach and made an interesting assessment about the head coach's abilities. Simply put, Garrett can't relate to the black players on the team which has made him lose the locker room. Bryant even likened Garrett to John Harbaugh who has historically gotten the best out of his team, particularly Lamar Jackson.

Some fans thought Bryant was exhibiting some saltiness with his remarks but the wide receiver made sure to clarify exactly what he meant. Bryant also felt it was important to note that he doesn't believe Garrett is racist but simply lacks the empathy to coach a team full of African Americans who all have different backgrounds.

Jerry Jones has stood by his head coach but it's clear some organizational changes could be coming this offseason.